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Every paddler must fill out the following 2 waivers before entering our canoes.

Ocean Water


Service Name

Sign our NCOCA

Release of Liability Waiver


Service Name

Sign our Media Waiver

Be sure to list Ohana Wa'a as your club so that the emailed waiver will be sent to us and

the NCOCA.

ALL paddlers must complete the NCOCA online waiver even if they just try paddling for one session.

club membership

Ohana Wa'a Outrigger Canoe Club is a paddling organization that seeks to attract paddlers across the ages and abilities to the Napa River to participate in and preserve the ancient sport of Hawaiian outrigger canoe.


Recreational, novice and competitive paddlers commit to practicing, training and racing from March to October each year. As such, we have established the policy of requiring annual membership fees from all members regardless of how frequently they choose to train or race.

All membership dues for new and returning members are due by May 1st of each season unless you’ve set up an installment plan with the club accountant. Our goal is to get people into the canoe, and not have finances get in the way of paddling, so if there are any issues with our club fees or payment plans, please talk with the coaches and we will get something worked out with everybody.

We Prefer All Payments Through Zelle!

Please hover your phone camera over this QR code and follow the link to access Ohana's Zelle payment page.

Membership Dues

Race Fees

Merch Payments


We Can Take Venmo

But we really do prefer Zelle!

If you need to Venmo us, please use only your name in the item line, thank you.

Please hover your phone camera over this QR code and follow the link to access our Venmo payment page.


Payment questions: Please contact Kelly Wheat, our Treasurer. His contact information is on our TeamSnap Roster.

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